Wearables in Sports and Athlete Analytics

Wearables in Sports and Athlete Analytics

2015 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Andrew Hawkins, Cleveland Browns

Brian Kopp, Catapult Sports

Kirk Lacob, Golden State Warriors

Eric Petrosinelli, Zebra Technologies

Brian Russell, Zephyr Technology

Mark McClusky, Wired Magazine

Recent years have seen a boon in the interest, adoption and use of wearable technology. The advent of teams using wearable technology and player tracking affects how teams make in-game coaching decisions and alters strategy regarding athlete training and player management. As more companies enter the space, the advantages and value are changing in real time. With the increasing amount of data available, this technology and how it is used is at the front line of the new wave and opportunity in team evaluation and management. Panelists discuss the differences between technology platforms and multiple use cases, and provide perspective on how information is being used today and will be used in the future.