Athletes and Startup Entrepreneurs Are Often Told to Just Don’t Do It…Will You Listen?

Sports and startups; athletes and entrepreneurs…they have much more common than people may first realize.

Pursuing your dream, passion, ambition or vision is VERY hard work, most of it unseen.  It’s easy to applaud an athlete for making it to the big leagues or a startup founder making it to demo day.  It’s much harder to high-five them when they are deep into the trenches of preparation and practice.

When you reverse engineer every story of success in sports or startups, there’s a story of sacrifice and determination.

And, some people are probably saying you’re crazy, could doing something “safe” and to be just like everyone else.

These are well-intentioned thoughts, of course, even often coming from family and friends.  They don’t want you to fail.  And, it’s true sometimes it’s hard to recognize when it’s time to stop one dream and pivot to another.

Yet, most of the success stories in sports and startups have a common thread where the ultimate voice inside that mattered didn’t listen to others and just did it anyway.

Next time you see someone reach stardom or success, remember they probably didn’t listen.