Storytelling for Startups Illustrated By Wimbledon 2015 Men’s Final Intro

In the world of startups, the story is often as important as the product, team and model.  That’s often what makes the difference between a startup that gets the attention of investors and those that don’t.  If it were based purely on those other factors, nobody would need to watch a pitch and they could just read about it.

Sports is the perfect example where stories are told all the time, no matter how successful the product, team, players or what seems to be obvious on paper.  We are always captivated not only by talent, but by the story.

For the Wimbledon 2015 Men’s Final between Roger Federer and Novak Djovkovic, even though Wimbledon is a renowned sports brand, the match is between two players known across the world on a global network (BBC), listen to the intro by Jason Isaacs to see how telling the story captivates anyone to watch further.

Startups should remember that no matter how amazing they believe their product, team, talent and potential is, everyone is captivated by the story so make sure that is part of your pitch.


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