MWC 2015 | How the Enterprise will Determine the Success of Wearable Adoption

While we are at the early stage of the wearable revolution for individuals, much of the future adoption depends on the adoption by the enterprise.

The burgeoning wearables market is exploding with shipments forecast to grow from 22 million in 2014 to 135 million in 2018 (CCS Insight) and the scope of the market is almost unlimited. Yet however undeniably exciting the prospects are for wearables, barriers to adoption persist and not everybody is convinced of their mass-market appeal or real utility.

In this video at MWC 2015, Josh Waddell, VP Mobile Solution Management at SAP, Thomas Alt, CEO of Metaio Inc, and Juergen Winandi, Head of Augmented Reality Integration, outline how the enterprise will determine the success of wearable adoption.