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There’s a beautiful scene in the movie “Heaven Can Wait” where the Warren Beatty character tries to convince his best friend that he didn’t really die. He explains and explains, sounding crazier with every sentence, until finally Mr. Jordan, his guardian angel, makes a suggestion.

“Try a little music,” Mr. Jordan says as he points to the saxophone that Warren Beatty’s character used to play. “That’s a great persuader.”

It is when I heard the music for the old Saturday Afternoon show NBC’s “SportsWorld” that everything rushed back. I loved everything about “SportsWorld.”

Sports television was different then … mostly because there just wasn’t very much of it. The baseball game of the week was exactly what it claimed to be – the only baseball game on television that week. There was no Sunday night NFL game, no 18-hole coverage of golf events, and even NBA playoff games were…

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